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Health, Safety & Environment Value in Action

November 13, 2023

From the beginning, Blue Tide Environmental (BTE) has been committed to creating superior re-refined petroleum products and delivering outstanding service to its customers. To reinforce this, we created a set of Core Values that reflect our commitment and guide us as we refine the future of recycled oil. Of these Core Values, we placed Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) at the top and consider it integral to how we conduct our business. While many companies claim to take an interest in the health and safety of their employees and work toward a more sustainable approach to the environment, the leadership at Blue Tide puts its words into action. 

Health, Safety & Environment
Our organization is committed to offering lower carbon emission solutions through circularity and sustainability. The welfare of the environment, our people, contractors, neighbors, and our customers are at the foundation of every decision. 

HS&E at Blue Tide begins with our new re-refining plant in Baytown, Texas, which harbors one of North America’s most technologically advanced re-refinery plants. It was built from the ground up with a keen focus on safety and efficiency while being geared towards sustainability by lowering carbon emissions and being held to CAFE standards. 

Everyone who works at Blue Tide has a great appreciation for our environment and understands how important it is to operate in a sustainable manner, including the products we produce. BTE’s re-refining cycle supports a circular economy. From used motor oil collection to our treatment process, then on to our customers, we take great care with everything we do because we know how important it is to our customers and the planet.

Of paramount importance, of course, is the health and safety of our employees. Our new plant has the latest safety features, technology, and procedures built-in to support a safe and efficient operating environment. In addition to contributing to overall employee well-being, an emphasis on HS&E benefits our customers by mitigating downtime if there are no safety accidents. Safety first!

We invite you to visit our website and view all our Core Values to see for yourself the level of commitment, care, and appreciation we have for what we do and what we strive to achieve as a company.