About Us

At Blue Tide Environmental, we are transforming re-refining. Rooted in the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles, we employ the most sustainable practices in the industry to deliver high-quality recycled oil.

Our Team

Moving an industry forward takes the leadership of a highly-skilled and collaborative team. At Blue Tide, we’ve put together a team that’s focused on the future of re-refining. Learn more about the people transforming the field.

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer
Mark has led downstream, specialty products, and environmental industry-focused companies for more than 30 years.
Chief Operations Officer
Terry joins our team as Chief Operations Officer, bringing over 35 years of petrochemical experience within Shell and its joint venture partners.
Chief Commercial Officer
Pat serves as Chief Commercial Officer, managing commercial expansion and marketing while providing critical market comprehension and strategic sales leadership.
Chief Accounting Officer
Bryce Buckley serves as our Chief Accounting Officer, bringing over 20 years of accounting experience.

Senior Leadership

SVP, Finance and Business Development
SVP, Feedstocks & Refinery Sales
SVP, Logistics, Transportation & Planning

Our Alliances

We are proud to partner with these extraordinary organizations.

Tailwater Capital

Tailwater Capital is a growth-oriented Dallas-based private equity firm. Focusing on energy supply, delivery and logistics infrastructure, and recycling and byproduct management investments, Tailwater is driving the transition to a low-carbon economy. Blue Tide Environmental is a proud member of the Tailwater family of investments.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Blue Tide Environmental is committed to the environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles that guide every aspect of our business – from the plant to the process to the people. As one of Tailwater Capital’s portfolio investments, we share their vision to build long-term, sustainable businesses that decarbonize and empower the planet.