Blue Tide Environmental offers sustainable products using the latest re-refining technology in the newest plant in North America. We re-refine used motor oil to produce high-quality Group II and Group II+ base oils and other coproducts.

Base Oil

BT Base Oil is a highly paraffinic base oil that meets American Petroleum Institute (API) Group II/II+ specifications—bt 70, bt 120 and bt 220—suitable for blending into a wide variety of automotive, trucking and industrial lubricants.


Can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including as a blend stock, industrial fluids, and process oils.


  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Light hydraulic oils
  • Concrete form release oil
  • Process oils

The superior Group II+ Base Oil with excellent oxidation properties, with superior low volatility and low temperature performance.


  • PCMO (passenger car motor oil)
  • Hydraulics

Another superior Group II+ Base Oil with superior oxidation properties, and low sulfur, this high purity product will create robust formulations.


  • Blending component for heavy duty engine oils (HDEO)

A high quality hydrotreated gas oil we call bt GO, that is produced through our base oil process.


  • Off-road applications
  • Concrete form release oil
  • Blend component for marine fuels

BlueTide’s Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) is produced through vacuum distillation and is the primary feedstock for our hydrotreater. At times, this product is also a low sulfur blend component for the marine fuel industry.


  • Light viscosity marine blend component
  • Used as a drilling fluid component

Our bt FLUX is the most viscous product that is generated from our process. This asphalt-like substance has multiple applications within the asphalt industry.


  • Asphalt extender
  • Adjust PG asphalts to softer grades
  • Residential and commercial roofing products
  • Industrial applications – pipe coatings, sealants, waterproofing
Industrial Fuels

A petroleum distillate coproduct produced in the early stages of our process.


  • Blend component for industrial type fuels

Used motor oil (UMO) is aggregated from select sources across the country and brought to our plant for processing. Excess barrels may be used in industrial fuels, and other applications.

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