Values We Stand For

Blue Tide Environmental (BTE) aspires to become the global leader in sustainable, high-quality re-refined oils, underpinned by a firm belief that being both economically sound and environmentally responsible is possible.

Our Core Values are the guiding principles that drive every decision and dictate our behavior as an organization. We take them to heart as we seek to fulfill our Vision. We recognize that the strength of our organization lies within our employees and the key stakeholders that propel our business forward.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Our organization is committed to offering lower carbon emission solutions through circularity and sustainability. The welfare of the environment, our people, contractors, neighbors, and our customers are at the foundation of every decision.


We conduct our business to the highest ethical standards prioritizing honesty and fairness at the forefront of our actions. BTE believes in doing the right thing every time without deviation.


We embrace radical open-mindedness to enhance our ability to recognize and respect the unique ideas, experiences, and values of others. This enables us to offer an inclusive, open, and learning-centric culture that values its employees and enhances customer relationships.


We embrace diversity in all its manifestations and believe that individuals should be measured by their performance in delivery, teamwork, and behaviors that contribute to both individual and the organization’s success.

Operational Excellence

We ensure the quality of our work sets us apart. We strive to be best-in-class and to self-actualize by constantly assessing our performance and continuously improving through open-mindedness and transparency.

Empowerment & Ownership

We encourage individuals to assume responsibility, show leadership, and take ownership within all levels of the organization by providing the clarity that allows decision rights to the most qualified person.


We always exhibit open-mindedness and transparency. By being open to new ideas and criticisms and conducting ourselves openly and honestly, we can enhance how we do business and improve the quality of our products and services.

Our Values Lived

Our leaders embody our values.

Through building meaningful partnerships and leadership driven by respect for our environment, contractors, neighbors, and customers, our values are lived everyday at Blue Tide Environmental.

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