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Integrity & Respect Value in Action

October 2, 2023

Blue Tide Environmental (BTE) continues to make great strides in re-refining with our Core Values as a North Star. These values serve as guiding principles that shape our company’s culture, decision-making process, and overall success.

Two of BTE’s Core Values are Integrity and Respect. These two traits work together to foster trust and long-term relationships — internally and with our customers.

We conduct our business to the highest ethical standards, prioritizing honesty and fairness at the forefront of our actions. BTE believes in doing the right thing every time without deviation.

We embrace an unbiased mindset to enhance our ability to recognize and accept the unique ideas, experiences, and values of others. This enables us to offer an inclusive, open, and learning-centric culture that values its employees and enhances customer relationships.

Our customers’ and stakeholders’ success is inextricably tied to our success, so respect and honesty are essential. Practicing both allows us to build strong, resilient relationships with our employees and clients, improving productivity and ensuring desired results. 

As our company and industry continue to evolve, BTE is positioned to support a circular economy while delivering world-class products and services. I believe keeping integrity and respect at our core will enable us to further demonstrate our value and forge solid partnerships. 

You can find our Values in Action here.