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Ownership and Transparency Values in Action

January 25, 2024

At Blue Tide Environmental (BTE), our core values serve as guiding principles that shape our company culture and decision-making. Among these values, Empowerment & Ownership and Transparency are essential to our mission of building a modern, sustainable business.

Empowering Employees Through Ownership

We encourage all employees to take responsibility, show leadership, and embrace ownership at all levels of BTE. By providing organizational clarity on decision rights, we empower our team to create solutions to complex problems with full support from leadership. 

We believe that empowerment fuels innovation. Since the beginning, our employees have taken the lead in building one of America’s most technologically advanced re-refining facilities. Their efforts deliver outstanding products like Group II+ base oils, low-sulfur fuel, vacuum gas oil, and flux extenders quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Practicing Transparency

At BTE, we value open-minded thoughtfulness, welcoming new ideas, and constructive criticism that help us learn and grow. By conducting ourselves with honesty and transparency, we continuously improve our thinking, decision-making, and how we do business.

Transparency is essential for growth and requires trust, humility, and vulnerability from our leaders. We create an open, learning-centric culture by calling out shortcomings, addressing failures, and preventing poor decisions from being repeated. 

Living Our Values

Our Core Values drive everything we do at BTE. Through these values, we craft our outstanding products, efficient operations, and commitment to sustainability. By putting these values into action, we fulfill our vision to lead the circular economy for oil re-refining.