Our Commitment

Sustainability is a core tenet that guides our actions and overall vision. We are committed to ensuring the safety and stewardship of the environment and working towards a sustainable future. The activities at our oil re-refinery promote the recycling and re-use of used waste products, creating value and reducing waste. As we grow, we are actively seeking to expand capabilities that support those goals.

Our Community

As part of our sustainability commitment, Blue Tide is dedicated to not only serving the communities in which we work,
but also continuously improving on industry best practices.

Our team proudly supports and actively participates in the following organizations:

Building Conservation Trust

The team at Blue Tide Environmental are proud supporters of the Building Conservation Trust (BCT). Established in 2013 by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and a Shell endowment, the BCT was created to provide vital funding for grassroots-driven projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives:

  • Restore degraded habitats;
  • Create new habitats;
  • Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation;
  • Foster habitat stewardship; and
  • Educate coastal communities of the value of conservation.

National Oil Recyclers Association

NORA, the National Oil Recyclers Association, is an association of responsible recyclers. Through this affiliation, we actively seek to ensure that best stewardship practices are introduced and enforced for UMO across North America.

Asphalt Institute

The Asphalt Institute is the international trade association of petroleum asphalt
producers, manufacturers and affiliated businesses. AI serves its members as a center of excellence for health, safety, and environmental matters. AI promotes petroleum asphalt as a safe and environmentally friendly construction material for highways, streets, and roofing systems through a program of scientific research and technological developments.

Independent Lubricants Manufacturers Association

ILMA brings together the lubricants industry to collaborate on innovation, environmental
and safety best practices. ILMA estimates the annual revenue for lubricants in North America is more than $14 billion and employs approximately 30,000 people.